Eid Trip - Aqaba (8 Days)


Eid Trip - Aqaba (8 Days)

Dates: 14-21 Jun 2024
  • Scuba Certification OWD
  • Diver Speciality Certification
  • Luxury Camping
  • Boat Diving Trip
For: Boys only

Age Group: 13-17 years old

Price: 1,150 KWD*

* Flights/Tickets for a round-trip to Amman, Jordan, are not included.

Pass Aqaba Trip Overview

The camp project aims to provide participants with an immersive experience combining diving and camping in the picturesque region of Al Aqaba, Jordan. 

During this adventure-packed trip, participants will undergo an open water diving course and explore the natural beauty of Wadi Rum.

Attention young gentlemen! This trip is exclusively tailored for boys aged between 13 and 17 years old. We can't wait to embark on this adventure with you!

Experience Adventure, Dive Deep, and Camp Under the Stars!

Budget-Friendly Fun: Your budget covers everything from comfy accommodations to delicious meals, thrilling diving courses, camping gear, and more!

Safety First: Certified instructors will guide every dive, while comprehensive safety measures ensure a worry-free camping experience in the stunning Wadi Rum.

Learn and Explore: Dive into the Red Sea's vibrant ecosystem, gain essential diving skills, and embark on a journey of discovery with boat trips and specialty dives. Plus, foster teamwork and leadership through exciting camping activities.

Join us on our Diving & Camping Adventure in Aqaba, Jordan! It's the ultimate blend of excitement, learning, and cultural immersion. Come make memories and grow as individuals – this trip is your gateway to unforgettable experiences and invaluable life skills!

Trip Summary:

Embark on an 8-day Eid adventure tailored exclusively for boys aged 13-17, offering a blend of diving and camping in the breathtaking landscapes of Al Aqaba and Wadi Rum, Jordan. This non-mixed-gender trip is designed to provide an immersive experience, focusing on the vibrant marine life of the Red Sea and the desert beauty of Wadi Rum. Accommodations are carefully selected to ensure comfort while participating in adventurous activities.


Itinerary Overview:

- June 14: Departure from Amman to Al Aqaba.

- June 15 - 17: Participation in a Scuba Certificate OWD (Open Water Diving) course in Al Aqaba.

- June 17 - 19: Camping and exploration in Wadi Rum.

- June 19 - 21: Continue exploration in Al Aqaba.

- June 21: Departure from Al Aqaba to Amman, concluding the trip.


Detailed Itinerary:

- Day 1 (June 14): Gather at Queen Alia International Airport (arrangements from Kuwait airport available upon request); transfer to Al Aqaba.

- Day 2-3 (June 15 - 16): Commencement of the OWD (Open Water Diver) course, with a focus on diving techniques and safety.

- Day 4 (June 17): Completion of OWD certification; transition to Wadi Rum for a distinctive camping experience.

- Day 5 (June 18): Exploration of the desert via hikes, camels, or 4x4 tours.

- Day 6 (June 19): Return to Al Aqaba for urban exploration.

- Day 7 (June 20): Engagement in a specialty diving course activity and additional exploration of Al Aqaba.

- Day 8 (June 21): Early departure to Amman, concluding with the journey back.


Accommodation / Transportation:

-       Transportation between Amman and Al Aqaba via internal flights or road trip.

-       5-star hotel/resort accommodations in Al Aqaba.

-       Luxury camping resort in Wadi Rum.


Things to Know:

- Included: Accommodation, meals, diving courses, Internal flights, and transportation within Jordan.

- Not Included: International flights to and from Jordan, Personal expenses, additional activities outside the planned itinerary.

- What to Bring: Appropriate clothing for diving and camping, personal items (e.g., sunscreen, hat), and personal medications.


Trip Group Size:

- The trip is designed for a small group of 12 to 15 members, ensuring a personalized and enriching experience.


Age Requirements:

- Minimum Age: 13 years.

- Maximum Age: 17 years.

- Note: This trip is exclusively for boys and is not mixed gender.


Getting There & Meeting Location:

 - The trip commences from Amman (Queen Alia International Airport), with arrangements from Kuwait airport available upon request.


Safety Measures in Aqaba, Wadi Rum, Amman, Jordan:

- Safety is a priority, with certified instructors leading all diving activities and comprehensive measures in place for camping in Wadi Rum. Throughout the trip, supportive guidance is provided to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for every participant.


Date & Time
Friday, June 14, 2024
Start - 8:00 AM (Asia/Kuwait)
Friday, June 21, 2024
End - 8:00 PM (Asia/Kuwait)

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Aqaba, Jordan

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